The Battle for Belief

JCPThinking60 This is the age of unbelief and rationalism.  Our education system and the news media are completely infiltrated by atheistic and naturalistic ideas, leaving no room for supernatural and belief in it.  This might look insignificant to us today, but if we do not perceive the danger then we have not learnt anything from the history.

The whole world is in rebellion God, manifesting itself in every possible way against the suggestion of anything divine.  The most dangerous of such attack is directed against our belief in the Bible.  Since the Bible itself cannot be destroyed, Stan causes the belief in the Bible to be attacked. The end result is the same.  Once the belief in the Bible is gone, the mere physical presence of the Bible is no consequence to Satan.

The believer in the Lord Jesus is left powerless, but at the same time he is under the happy notion that he trusts in the Bible.  Such a situation is developing in India and many Asian countries due to two reasons:  The influence of the present-day rationalist ideas, and the insufficient exposition of apologetics in our churches.

There is to way in which we can keep our young children away from schools and colleges.  They have to study to become fit to live in the society.  In their institutions every thing that to become fit to live in the society.  In their institutions every thing that they study influenced and permeated by the ideas of evolution.  When he is hammered with the philosophy of evolution from all sides, and that also in very subtle forms, he is bound to accept that as a firm doctrine Year after. Year this belief is reinforced and by the time the students reach the seniormost classes in his or her school they start having their doubts about the story of creation and existence of Adam and Eve.It is of no use to blame them at this stage.  For about ten years they have been learning that the earth and the sun have evolved, and it is only natural for them to announce they more firmly believe what they have been taught, than what in the Bible teaches.  The parents have already lost the battle, and a recovery will be very difficult.  After all , their children argue.  If the physics chemistry, mathematics and geography taught to them are right, then why only the theory of evolution is wrong.

These students are brought up in a system which depends very heavily on proof and demonstration.  The ideas related to evolution have been demonstrated and proved to them and again but nobody ever told them what the Bible teaches on it.  At one stage they conclude that all they have studied is science (which they equate with truth ) while the Bible represents religion  (which they equate with subjectivity). They naturally choose what seems to be the truth.

Every student is exposed to numerous books and magazines produced by the contemporary society.  Since this secular society had abandoned  its belief in supernatural.  Almost all of these books are completely saturated with anti-God philosophies.  they include the theory of evolution also, which has not left anything in the world untouched.

While the education system, the society,and the media is influencing the student with all these philosophies, if he is not shown the other side, or fallacy of these doctrines; he has no alternative except to accept these anti-Christian beliefs.  The only thing which can save him is a thorough acquaintance with the world of God and also with the reasons for faith.  these reasons by themselves will not create faith in the child., but they can defend faith from being influenced by other philosophies.

No honest and objective person can claim that we are giving enough attention to our young people.  One the whole the level of Bible teaching is very poor, and is becoming poorer every day.  We have only few people who are equipped to teach and expound the word.  The defense aspect is practically nil.  In the face of all this the young person is getting neither the word of God, not does he know the reasons for his faith. Since he is passing through a highly impressionable age, anything which influences his mind first is going to leave a lasting impression.  Once evolution and anti-God ideas impress him as being more reasonable and scientific he will find it very difficult to change these beliefs.                                        

Merely being saved at a very early stage in life is not enough for the safety of their souls Every soul needs an inner fortress to protect it from all external attacks and assaults..  This is built up only by exposing the child to sound teachings of the Bible.  Only the doctrine (the word)residing inside their should will protect them.  It means that the fortress must be built much in advance of the actual attack.  Foolish is the king who starts building the defenses only after the enemy attacks.  Every wise person digs the well before the actual fire.

We are all very much concerned about the welfare of our children.  We take care of even the m minutes needs, but then forget the major thing.  What is more precious, the body or the soul? What is the use if we arrange for all the world to come to the feet of our children, to be followed by the loss of their souls.  We are so much occupied with the visible things that we forget the invisible aspect which can completely enslave the visible body.

Every child start with a completely blank mind.  Whoever controls this mind controls the child.  Satan understands the implications and he spares no effort to gain this control as soon as possible.  Once he is able to make the first move, it is quite difficult to erase that matter to write something new on the same mind.

We have to send our children to the schools and colleges even if they indoctrinate them with anti supernaturalistic beliefs.  They will read the secular literature and come under the influence of all types of media.  That we cannot avoid.  Yet we can control our side of the battle by infusing our children with sound instruction and sufficient reasons for the soundness of our faith.  It is a battle for the mind of our children.  They are ours.  So, shall we not make the first move?

[Dr. Johnson C. Philip is a physicist, with expertise in Quantum-nuclear Physics, and has worked extensively on the inner quark-structre of Protons and Neutrons. He has a
lso specialized in Christian Apologetics, Biblical Archeology, and several other fields

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