What About the Neanderthal Man

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Who has not heard the name of the Neanderthal Man ? He occupies a place of great importance in many Biology textbooks. Whenever they discuss the theory of evolution he is usually there. Picture in the textbooks depict him as a hairy brute not quite human, but rather as a half ape and half man. [...]

Some Facts About Evolution

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Evolution is widely known theory, and even those people who have never studies science have some idea about it. So much so that it is common  for speakers on Bible and Science to meet people from commerce or history background who are interested in knowing matters related to evolution and the Christian faith.

Fakes of Evolution

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Everyone expects scientist to be honest, devoted to the pursuit of the unknown irrespective of the biases and prejudices of the age. But this is only an idealized picture. Scientists do cheat the world, and such practices are most common in the Biological sciences according to two scientific studies published this year. One of these [...]

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