Launch Your Ad-income Website

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One you thoroughly research and find out what kind of topics bringin the best advertisement reveneue, you should pick up one to five of the topics and establish one or more websites on these topics. At times a single website might be  enough, but at times you might have to opt for more than one [...]

Which Blog Software for Ad Income?

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Whether one should go for a conventional website or the modern blog setup for one’s income generation site is a recurring question. My unwavering answer is: opt for the blog software unless you have a compelling reason to opt for the conventional website setup. Here is the reason:

What is a Blog

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People who wish to set up an income generating site repeatedly ask whether one should opt for a conventional website or a blog setup. I strongly suggest that they should opt for a blog. There are several reasons for this suggestion, and the reason will become clear as you read this full write-up.

How to Set Up Your Wordpress Blog

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Of all the free blog software, I strongly recommend WordPress for any net-task, especially for a site to generate income.
Introduction: WordPress is a blog software written in PHP, and there are now hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. This software can be used to create your own stand-alone blog site. Since it is in [...]

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